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Melt Again Music Video Released by Americana Duo The Ormewoods
March 29, 2018


Atlanta duo The Ormewoods release a music video for their first single "Melt Again" off of their upcoming sophomore release Not Your Mama's Folk. The video was filmed by Nashville director Carl Diebold who also directed the 2017 video for the duo's #1 hit song "Hey Babe".

The song details a woman who wonders when her heart will melt again after going through a divorce. And the opening line, "this long cold winter's lasted far too long" couldn't be more appropriate for this particularly cold season.

Songwriter Claire Pearson wrote the song years ago while her marriage was crumbling but never finished it. Pearson says, "I was too close to the story and I didn't know how that relationship was going to end so I was unable to finish it. But I always loved the melody and the idea."

Pearson did finish the song a few years later as part of the duo The Ormewoods with two time Grammy winner Don McCollister.

"We were in Nashville for Americana Fest staying at a condo owned by a very successful recording artist, who happens to be an old friend of Don's. After a great day of listening to music, we pulled out our guitars on the couch and this song came back to me and we finished it.It's the only song that has taken me years to write but I'm so grateful I was able to hang on to it."

"Melt Again" is the first single released since their song "Hey Babe" which reached #1 on the Folk charts in the summer of 2017. For more information go to


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